An essential upgrade for the modern office
Smart soundproof acoustic booths for focused work, video calls, meetings and teamwork
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Improve Employee Efficiency
Create a more effective workforce by eliminating outside noise
We've had workinbooth in our office for a few months now and we couldn't be happier! We just moved to a new and larger office but still took the booths with us! The service is excellent!
Mor Rosenberg Sultan
Head of Human Resources
Our Products
office soundproof booth - WorkBooth Office
office soundproof booth - WorkBooth One
A private space to take confidential work and video calls
A booth that offers enhanced focus for teamwork, and a private pod for negotiations and interviews
A space offering ideal conditions so that the team can work uninterrupted
Perfect for crystal clear audio and uninterrupted conversations with our two-person acoustic booth
WorkBooth keeps employees focused and engaged
Affordable silence directly from manufacturer
office soundproof booth - WorkBooth Lite
office soundproof booth - WorkBooth Two
office soundproof booth - WorkBooth Four
office soundproof booth - WorkBooth Office
Your private room within a room helps keep things quiet and comfortable, boosting productivity
What a great product! Before we started using WorkBooth, we were building negotiation rooms, which is long, expensive and painfull process :)
Stanislau Litvinau
CEO and Founder at Affise, Lithuania
Winner of The German Design Award 2022
Leading designers from around the globe assessed hundreds of products, celebrating the ones they believed made an innovative contribution to international design
The panel awarded WorkBooth in office furniture category for excellent product design as it married functionality with fashionable new-age design
The German Design Award 2022
WorkBooth manufactures products that are really soundproof
Silence is vital to creation and communication in our new workplace reality. People need uninterrupted quiet to focus and perform at their optimal level
That's what WorkBooth is all about, giving employees what they need to succeed
Optimal performance comes from plenty of fresh air. Our products offer elite ventilation systems

When you work in a pod, you benefit from a submarine ventilation engineer who designed a pod that fully changes the air every 42 seconds and after every visitor

The air in our pods is always fresh, and there's no limit to your creativity
Breathe fresh air
WorkBooth ventilation systems
With an IQ of 168, WorkBooth leads the pods rating

WorkBooth can do it all! All features, timing, and scenarios can be adjusted to your exact specifications

Statistics on usage can be sent by email. Booth сan be integrated into existing booking system
Smart booth
Smart booth
For a high-quality picture, WorkBooth has a special lighting mode, identical to LED ring lights, helping you look your best during video calls

Magnetic accessories help organize your work space

Wireless chargers, USB, Type-C, and 220V outlets are also available, ensuring you stay on track

After one year of using WorkBooth One and WorkBooth Two our team is fully satisfied. The booths are in great demand and sometimes are booked in advance for several days
Meruyert Bekzhan
Business Assistant at Esentai Offices
Need more reasons to have a pod?
It's more cost-effective to buy a WorkBooth than building a new meeting room
WorkBooth is assembled in two hours
WorkBooth offers better sound insulation than traditional meeting rooms
If you move to a new office, you can take WorkBooth with you
No dust, noise, or debris is produced during installation
WorkBooth is smart, it can be integrated into booking system
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Hi There!
I'm Eugen Kaufman, Founder & CEO at WorkBooth
Eugen Kaufman
As an experienced entrepreneur, I'm excited to be part of a company on the cutting edge of technological advancements

We created something special at WorkBooth. Our products are for busy professionals who only ever have a few hours to work alone, creators who need to focus on dreaming big, and employers concerned about the well-being and productivity of their staff

Our products help newly hybrid offices adapt to the ever-changing needs of their employees, making life easier and work more efficient
CEO at WorkBooth
Very comfortable cabins. And they are also very stylish. They fit well into our interior and have become an indispensable part of the workflow
Anastasiia Avramenko
Skyeng, Cyprus
Ha-Shlosha str. 2, entrance C, 7th floor, Tel-Aviv
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